One Game a Month

1GAM is a challenge for all aspiring game developers. For as many months of the year as we can we are to release a new game, purely for our benefit.

Behold… My grand strategy!

Make games. Not excuses.

Or perhaps a bit of both…

One Game a Month is a challenge for game devs amateur and professional alike. For as many months of the year as we can we are to release a new game, purely for our own benefit. We get superficial points to rank ourselves against other participants, sure, but the idea is to focus on improving our personal development skills. Starting off simple and gradually improving the level of complexity, I hope to increase my skill set and gain useful experience.

Game development?

That’s right, game development. One of my longtime ambitions is to independently develop my very own game. Since I was a wee youngen I’ve had a fascination with coding, modding, and screwing around with software and seeing what would come of it. It didn’t take long for this fascination to lead to wanting to develop games… But alas, I’ve never had the motivation to properly master the required skills.

The grand strategy

My plan is pretty straightforward – despite the name of the challenge, I don’t see myself releasing a game every month. Far from it, actually. I just want to get something out there, and 1GAM is the perfect opportunity to start taking action on this ambition of mine. A few years from now, I hope to have quite a collection of little titles under my belt to serve as something of a crappy game dev portfolio. Proof of what I can do and how I’ve progressed. I plan to work with Ruby/Gosu, Python/Pygame, Microsoft XNA, and Unity.

Where are the games?!

I’m not going to update this post every time I release a game. That’ll just make things… Messy. Instead, I’ll make a new page for each game in the projects section and announce it through social media. I’m sure they won’t be too hard to find.

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