Watchpoint: Oceania

An Overwatch community for those of us looking to avoid the horrors of solo queue, learn more about the local scene, and have some fun with other passionate players of the game. We participate in regular casual and competitive play and host some of the most exciting and engaging events within the Oceanic region. We also happen to share the same enthusiasm for individual creativity that you might, and aim to actively help promote the blogs, videos, streams, and other content produced by members of the community!

We provide a range of services such as coaching sessions run by Grandmaster players, news updates about what’s going on in the region, private team channels, live streaming and casting of scrims and events by both professional and up-and-coming shoutcasters, and regular cross-promotion with individual personalities and other communities.

Having co-founded this community in mid 2016 (under the name of Server: 76), I’m personally very proud of how it’s grown and what it’s developed into.

Check it out at wpoce.com!

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