Krocket: Defender of Mars

A simple space shooter inspired by Asteroids developed for the 1GAM challenge as my January 2013 submission.

Coded in Ruby using the Gosu library.

Repository –– Download

Krocket: Defender of Mars

What’s the point of Krocket? It looks stupid!

Krocket is a very small-scale game for PC/Linux/Mac developed in order to improve my coding and logic skills. It’s not designed to be a top quality title, well polished, or even all that fun to play. Basically, it’s not going to win an award any time soon. You’re probably better off not playing it, if I’m to be perfectly honest.

In my quest to improve my game development processes, Krocket is the first step… Because what it does have going for it is this: it’s not just a mess of unintelligible code, an abandoned game without an ending, or a pipe dream concept. No matter how simple and truly uninspiring it may be, it is a complete product. Something to put out there and sign my name to.

Developing Krocket

I chose to use the Ruby/Gosu combo because it presented me with a beginner friendly language and a simple, no-frills library that didn’t take over too much of the nitty-gritty (like a full-blown SDK might). I was able to focus my attention on the basic game mechanics without getting bogged down by confusing syntax or advanced concepts, while at the same time avoiding the distractions of pretty interfaces and automated wizards.

I wasn’t able to achieve much, but everything I did was that much more meaningful as it came about through a hands-on trial-and-error approach.

Where can I find it?

You can find a link to the source code repository above, as well as a direct download link for the zip archive. You will require both Ruby and the Gosu library in order to play.

Credit where credit is due…
  • Kay Niner – I made use of a lot of third party artwork and have credited the creators throughout the code. However, a huge personal thanks to Kay Niner in particular for custom creating the rocket specifically for this project!
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