A concept level for a first person puzzle platformer, under development for the 1GAM challenge.

Coded in C♯ and JS using the Unity engine.

Repository –– Play


… Because it sounds like puzzle

Puzlo is basically what it says in the summary – a first person puzzle platformer. Once you start the game you’re presented with a portal you need to reach in order to win. In your way are various obstacles. You can walk around, jump, and interact with certain objects. Pretty straightforward there. The only tricky part is that you may also need to rotate the world around you!

Concept level?

That’s right, a concept level. Some people might argue that such a thing isn’t worthy of a 1GAM submission, but that’s because some people are dicks. The 1GAM website asks for submissions to be fully playable with a beginning, middle and end, and Puzlo easily meets these criteria. Not only does it have an end after the beginning, there’s a middle part mixed in somewhere, too! So there.

Developing Puzlo

The main goal with Krocket was to work on the coding and logic side of things. This time around, I was looking into what a full-blown SDK could do for someone like me. I’d tinkered with the likes of the Source SDK in the past and found nothing but frustration and confusion, so had assumed such things were only for the advanced developer (and not a mere padawan such as myself). I have to say though, when it comes to Unity things sure seem very different.

To describe it simply, I’d say Unity is the WYSIWYG editor of the game development world. I’ve been able to do things that would be nearly unfathomable with Ruby/Gosu and done far less actual work to achieve it. I’m quite enthused about the future potential of developing in this way and how I can apply the lessons learned through developing Puzlo to future projects.

Shut up & let me play!

Just click the play link up top to launch the game right in your browser. You’ll have to install the Unity Web Player, but once you accept the installation it’s all automatic from there.

However, this is not the final build and is subject to frequent updates (if not entire redesign).

Credit where credit is due…
  • Cooking with Unity – A great tutorial series on YouTube that set me on the path to developing Puzlo.
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